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Body scrup / soap- / oil massage


Before taking off it goes into the shower to wash everyday dust from your skin. With a Turkish loincloth dressed, called Pestemal, go then into the treatment room, where extensive skin cleansing and massage are performed. With an exfoliating glove made of goat hair ("Kese")  the dead skin cells will be removed and connective tissue perfused. Alternating warm water castings are performed. In this way, the pores open and improve skin respiration. After the full body exfoliation, the skin feels smooth and supple.

Subsequently, with soapsuds (Olive Oil Soap with Loorbeerbutter) the very pleasant foam massage will start. After massaging, take a refreshing shower.

After resting, the full-body oil massage will complete your absolute relaxation.

A special kind of a real feel-good experience!

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