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Body hair removal for men 

is something that’s becoming more acceptable, and male waxing or ‘manscaping’ has grown in popularity over recent years.

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair ... whether it's for your back, neck, legs, chest or any other part of your body where hair is a concern, I will leave you looking soft, smooth and suave for weeks. My promise is to make waxing for men as comfortable as possible.

Intimate waxing .... 

Sooooo.....you wanna go there...?

Good on you! Waxing for men is NOTHING like shaving and once you've waxed, you'll never go back. 

(whether it's your shaft, sac, crack or butt you want to wax... it's no problem!)

Video links:

chest waxing with Halawa

scrotum / penis / gluteal fold

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For men who like to have it fragrant, also Halawa* can be used.
* Halawa: gummy mixture of sugar, lemon juice and oil, originally from Egypt, it is now used also running for wax body hair.
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